Self Sufficient Living

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This website is dedicated to all the people out there who are tired of being trapped the old paradigm political and economic systems. Systems in which the hard work of millions is usurped and negated by a handful of people who create trillions of collective debt for billions of personal gain. In which “democracy” has come to mean the lobbying of rogue “representatives.” Systems in which our collective will is somehow perverted. This is not the world anyone wants, and yet the flaws in the old paradigm have been exploited to the degree that the entire system has been hollowed out by merciless thieves – men and women who have went insane and have lost sight of the true value of living things.

The Occupy movement was a clear demonstration of our collective discontent. However, the movement was marred, or at least muddled, by discontented people yet trapped in old paradigm ways. People who wanted to change the system into what they believe it should be. This poses two problems: the system is out of control and falling apart to such an extent that saving it is overly ambitious. Also, who is to say that anyone has a perfect enough vision that it would be acceptable to all?

The answer, as has been observed before, is to be the change you wish to see in the world. This is the essence of self sufficient living.